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We Stop Pigeons from Nesting Under Solar Panels in Nevada

Are pigeons nesting under your solar panels?

Pigeons have long used residential roofs, gutters, roof overhangs, and even protected window sills for nesting and roosting.

Solar panels give pigeons protection from Nevada’s scorching summer heat and shelter from all the elements and predators.

Rooftop solar panels have created the perfect home for pigeons, which is why many cities now require solar panel pigeon guards to be installed when solar panels are installed to prevent large pigeon populations.

Pigeon droppings and nesting materials build up under the solar panels, eating away at your tile roof and possibly backing up water when it rains, forcing water under the tile roof and onto your interior ceiling below.

We always clean the nests and pigeon waste from under your solar panels.

After cleaning, we then install the pigeon proof solar panel cover. We ensure no damage to your solar panels by using a unique solar panel mounting system that is custom made to fit your solar panels and roof.

Prevent pigeons from nesting under your solar panels with our solar panel pigeon proofing system.

Over the years, Solar Protect has developed a long lasting, guaranteed solar panel pigeon proofing system. We use a discrete, durable, galvanized wire mesh that has a 100% success rate in preventing pigeons from getting under solar panels. Our system is installed without screwing into the solar panel frame or support structure, so it will not void your solar panel warranty. Many other bird control companies do not take this into consideration and screw directly into the frames. We also do not install bird netting over the panels and rooftop because it creates a fall hazard for workers on your rooftop and can trap the pigeons.

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