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Solar Protect Las Vegas Nevada

Solar panels are an extremely efficient and smart choice for alternative energy production, however, solar panels provide an ideal environment for birds and other critters to nest and roost.

  • Pigeon “debris” is not only unsightly, but it also damages the finish on homes, automobiles, and other structures.
  • Many viral, bacterial, parasites, and other diseases accompany pigeons, their nesting area, and their droppings
  • Pigeons breed all year round and multiply fast in southern Nevada.

Panels provide shade from the sun’s intense rays, security from predators and an easy in-and-out vantage point. In addition, pigeons can be incredibly persistent, especially if they have already built nests under the solar panels. Removing nests and droppings can be dangerous and a tricky challenge. In addition, if the job is not done correctly, the critters will stay, discover an opening, or return, wasting everyone’s time and money.

Solar Protect does the job right the first time.

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Solar Protect Las Vegas Nevada

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Solar Panel Bird and Pest Proofing

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