All things about Solar Protect

Why us?

Our Passions

At Solar Protect, our passion isn’t just about providing top-notch services for solar panel protection; it’s about building trust, understanding community needs, and ensuring that our planet’s green future remains bright.

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Why are we different?

Unlike many service providers, we don’t just install barriers and move on. We believe in holistic solutions. Our focus is not just on keeping pigeons away, but on understanding why they come and how we can harmoniously deter them without harm.

Every home we work on, we approach as our own, ensuring that solutions are effective, durable, and aesthetic.

What are our values?

Core Values

Several guiding principles drive us:


Environmental Commitment

As proponents of solar energy, we’re dedicated to making sure every solar panel functions at its peak, ensuring a greener tomorrow.


Integrity and Transparency

We believe in honest work, transparent pricing, and clear communication.


Community Well-being

Beyond just a service, we strive to improve the health and well-being of our community by reducing the diseases associated with pigeon droppings.



Whenever pigeons decide to invade your solar space.


Our Journey


Our founder, Justin, noticed the consistent struggle homeowners faced with pigeons nesting under their solar panels.


Recognizing the need for a solution that was both effective and respectful to wildlife, Solar Protect was born in 2018.


We've since dedicated ourselves to ensuring that solar panels across Las Vegas remain efficient, clean, and critter-free.