Solar Protect Services

Solar panels are an extremely efficient and smart choice for alternative energy production, however, solar panels provide an ideal environment for birds and other critters to nest and roost.

  • Pigeon “debris” is not only unsightly, but it also damages the finish on homes, automobiles, and other structures.
  • Many viral, bacterial, parasites, and other diseases accompany pigeons, their nesting area, and their droppings
  • Pigeons breed all year round and multiply fast in southern Nevada.

We use only industry specific, top-quality materials that are harmless to the solar system and roof. The solar clips do not pierce the solar panels or interfere with the system. The guards are visually agreeable, if noticed at all. The barrier not only deters critters, but also protects the integrity of your investments; your home and solar panel system.

Our solar panel bird guards or “fence” are designed to prevent birds and other critters from accessing the area beneath the solar arrays. This fence is important because birds and other critters will nest and lounge under the solar panels and on your roof. This can create a huge mess over time, causing damage, costly repairs and cleanup, not to mention the health hazards.

The best way to address this problem is to install a solar panel pigeon barrier, ideally before the birds arrive.

We may also provide help on non-solar roof pigeon problems:

  • Non-solar pigeon proofing
  • A/C pigeon proofing
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